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Spirit of CARTEN100

From the outset of CARTEN100 the two main objectives of this fun cycle are to set an achievable challenge for novice riders to encourage them to become fit and enjoy cycling, and to raise money for good causesover ‘a million pounds’ raised so far!!

CARTEN100 is not a race, but a fun day out with more experienced riders helping and encouraging those who have less experience and confidence. Each year, riders return fitter and keener and on newer, better bikes but they bring their friends, family and work colleagues with them to enjoy the challenge.

There has always been a great camaraderie between the riders and this is cemented after the event when we encourage the participants and supporters to have a great night out in Tenby wearing the polo shirts, which are awarded to the participants after completing the ride, worn as a ‘badge of honour’.

The CARTEN100 is open to all and all ages and abilities are encouraged to ‘have a go’ having undertaken at least some training, as although it is fun, it is also a challenge as the riders of the ‘marmite year 2013’ found out!

CARTEN100 Team

The CARTEN100 event is run by many volunteers who give up their time to help to organise the event. If you would like to get in touch then please use our website blog or email address info@carten100.com

Peter Palmer Founder Rider (2004) Mr CARTEN
James Lewis Founder Rider (2004)  
Lloyd Ridgwell Founder Rider (2004)  
Dave Stealey Founder Rider (2005) Social media, Sponsorship & Shirts
Jon Phillips Founder Rider (2007) Digital
Jack Shore Non Rider Health & Safety
Dr Daf Founder Rider (2004) Route Master

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